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Burnt Skies box art cover
By avatar McKane 4 on January 1st, 2014
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Sorry for the minor faults in the design, some of them make it look more authentic and some of them don't, but there is only so much Word 2010 gives you. Enjoy!

If people are confused, and most likely haven't heard of Burnt Skies, it is a fictional video game. It is not a leaked EA project or anything like that. It is based on my video game concept that I decided to make a box art upon, there is nothing more to it than that.

The copyright info is actually fully written on the back of the box, if it is possible to read.

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McKane 4 [ 1 decade ago ]

If you want to know more about Burnt Skies, click this link

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LOoOP 39 [ 9 years ago ]

Not bad

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McKane 4 [ 9 years ago ]

Thanks man :).
I'm planning on remaking the box art once I get to grips with Photoshop.
Thanks for the favourite :D.

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