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1989 box art cover
By avatar Takahashi2212 40 on July 18th, 2015
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Stop posting, Takahashi2212.

(I made this for absolutely no reason. I don't like Taylor Swift or her music. If anything, irony fueled this box. This box is mostly me messing around with differently blending tools and unified color schemes. I didn't really "plan" to make this; it was super impromptu. Much like my previous music box, I expected another box to be my next upload, but this was for some reason made. I also realized how much I hate rendering real people. GOD her hair blowing in the wind is fucking annoying to render.)

(Also, apparently PNGs are too high quality for this website, because I had to re-save this as a JPG for it to upload. Sorry to anyone who gets notifications for when I upload something, because you may have gotten like, five of them.)

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DARK SPARK 41 [ 4 years ago ]

Good Job

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AnaRchyxV2x 32 [ 4 years ago ]

You know you'd fuck Taylor Swift though haha, this looks pretty sweet though.

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