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New Super Mario Bros. Wii U box cover
By avatar Kyopaka 1 on January 23rd, 2012
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A sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii. On the boxart, you can see that I brought in the power ups from Super Mario 3D Land, and Peach and Toad are playable characters this time around much like in Super Mario Bros. 2. Also, you can see by the flying Yoshi that this time, Yoshi has his own abilities like in Super Mario World.One more thing was that I decided to give this game online multiplayer seeing as it was absent from its predecessor. I guess you can say this game is a blast to the past if you're in the mood for nostalgia.

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willo10 39 [ 8 years ago ]

Not bad for a first by all means, and luckily you didn't fall captive to what most first boxes end up as, but there are somethings that need to be fixed.
FOr starters, the Template is really blurry, like the "Up to 4 Players".
Also, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo is jaggedly cut out.

What I would reccommend doing is posting your box in the critique forum, as the guys there will be more than happy to help you out.

The box is really good for a first, but it could definitaly be improved.

Take care!

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