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Ultimate Spider-Man (PS5) box art cover
By avatar Vintagesonic1 15 on February 21st, 2023

This box was entirely made in Spider-Man Remastered on PC with SpaceDasher's Ultimate Spider-Man suit mod. I made this ages ago when the mod first came out, but I never uploaded it here, because I wanted to make a YouTube video narrating about how I made it first. But because I'm lazy, I never finished the script and I can no longer make it anyways, because I reset my PC a few days ago and forgot to backup the original footage. So, I decided to post it here, as I haven't uploaded in a while and I was gonna do that anyways after I made the video and because I'm really proud of this one. Probably the best box art I've made yet.

However there was one problem with this box. Even though this is supposed to be a "PS5" version of the game, I mistakenly used the PS2 cover as a template to have everything be as faithful to the original as possible. So if anyone wanted to print this out, they'd have to put it in a DVD/PS2 case, because of this mistake.

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Daniil Brutskiy 34 [ 4 weeks ago ]

Looks amazing! Or should i say... Ultimate?)

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Vintagesonic1 15 [ 4 weeks ago ]


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iman pro 50 [ 2 days ago ]

i wish to never see this game on ps5

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