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Hocus Pocus box art cover
By avatar beerandgame 4 on May 24th, 2019
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Games Cover Dessign for mod Hocus Pocus Doom (Aka Hocus Pocus 3D) The Original game by Apogee

[ Box updated on August 23rd, 2019 ] [ original ]

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beerandgame 4 [ 2 years ago ]

Nobody's remember this awesome game, I DO, and I make a cover for the Total conversion for DooM.

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CPT_KASRA 27 [ 2 years ago ]

Nice cover dude btw nice iamges from doom wads :D

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beerandgame 4 [ 1 year ago ]

It's a real Total Conversión. Search on google Hocus Pocus 3D or Hocus Pocus Doom. Just amazing. It's almost finish. Now rf' (author) is testing.

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