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Metroid: Zero Mission box art cover
By avatar Korinu 23 on July 24th, 2017
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My newest box! Took me quite some time to finish, but I am happy with the results! You can see I also included a cartridge instead of just the box, I like how it looks in purple, but it could be just a normal cartridge.
I chose this game because its one of my favorite games of all time, if you have not played it, do yourself a favor and beat it.

Hardysimmer, for the GBA cartridge render (link)
KaiserWAVE for the gba template (on another forum, is it against the rules to link to him? Dont want to risk it)
All other images from google images.

That is basically it. Might upload a printable, and the custom label too. Im hoping to get an extra cartridge to paint the cart, use the label and the box.Well, hope you enjoy it! Leave your opinions below, any criticism is appreciated. Cya guys!

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Bastart 49 [ 6 years ago ]

Not my type of game, but the box looks nice.

The only criticism I have, is that the synopsis and header could be aligned and spaced a tad better (it looks a bit cramped at the moment) I'd suggest to give it just bit more blank space on the left of the header and between the lines of the synopsis.

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Moebius 39 [ 6 years ago ]

I don't really like the massive text on the back otherwise it's great and nice purple. :)

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Sonic the Hedgehog 40 [ 6 years ago ]

I don't know what effect you where trying to accomplish with the smudge tool on Zero Suit Samus, but I think it would look better without it. I think the synopsis could use a little bit more spacing as well, perhaps by moving the "Includes the NES Metroid" down a bit. Aside from that, looks good.

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