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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance box art cover
By avatar Takahashi2212 40 on July 4th, 2017
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there is one thing that we are all ruled by


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Sarashi 45 [ 4 years ago ]

Hmmm, I remember there was an annoying user that once kept posting "what is it" on everyone's boxes. Unfortunately the time has come for me myself to ask this. Aside from what I have recognised as a face on the front and an eye on the back, I cannot work out anything from this cover of what it's meant to be showing me.

A cover that cannot show meaningful information to someone who doesn't already know what's it's meant to be showing is a fundamental failure in package design. In this case the negative space is really making it hard to work out what you're looking at, and slapping a logo and the game's subtitle in Japanese right at the bottom doesn't help to alleviate the feeling that you didn't think this box through. It really feels like it's a slip cover for some special edition and there's another, more traditional box beneath it.

Sorry to be so critical, because I actually think you had some sort of goal and design philosophy with this box, but your description is unhelpful in working that out. I want to like it, but there are large problems that need to be sorted out.

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shiraziha 50 [ 4 years ago ]


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Moebius 38 [ 4 years ago ]

I'd like to see you try another Metal Gear Rising box where you can tell what's going on :D

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Monetman1 36 [ 4 years ago ]


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