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Devil Daggers box art cover
By avatar brueashear 1 on July 2nd, 2016
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Oh heya, I'm new here but I found interest in making very minimalist box covers. I'm not sure everyone has the same taste as me when it comes to boxes but I like what I make.
I couldn't seem to find ANY renders or anything, but this game is an indie game. Hell I couldn't even find a developer logo or something like that. Strange. You can pick it up on Steam if you're interested. Also, I made a MH4u box as well. But I won't upload that one.
-Higashi89 for having the 3D box I was looking for uploaded.
-Devil Daggers team for art

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JengaSoft 29 [ 5 years ago ]

The front shows promse, but everything looks stretched and the back is, well, there IS NO back. I get that you wanted to go for a simplistic look, but I think you overshot it.

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