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Pokemon Yellow box art cover
By avatar romevi 19 on July 11th, 2014

My very first box art, using wiggy's template of course. Did this last night. Could use some cleaning up, but I like it for my own collection.

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DarkPhoenixMishima 1 [ 9 years ago ]

Seems a bit empty. The artwork is good, but there's a whole lot of empty space on both the front and the back.
For the front I'd suggest increasing the size of the logo, also add the "Yellow Version" text.
The back could probably use some text, maybe slap an ESRB rating back there.

Overall it's a decent start, just use up a bit more of your space.

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romevi 19 [ 9 years ago ]

Yeah, I admit it's a bit empty. I was placing the cover on my game today and thought it could use more.
I tried applying the "Special Pikachu Edition" logo on the front but couldn't find a clean enough version. I'll add it once I do, though. I was approaching a minimalist approach, but I agree that it may be a bit too minimalist.

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Monetman1 36 [ 8 years ago ]

Love the front but well don't really like the back it's too un-related to your front.

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