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Namco Museum Ultimate Arcade box art cover
By avatar TheSuperBoxart3DS 21 on April 2nd, 2014

I was planning on posting an April Fool's joke today that would be a TERRIBLY designed box with a stick figure and a bunch of squiggles and call it "TEH BEST GAME EVAR", but I lost interest and have now decided April Fool's Day is probably the least tolerable day when you're on the internet and I did NOT want to take part in its "festivities". If you want proof of how intolerable April Fool's is just check the NIWA Wikis like Super Mario Wiki, Bulbapedia, and SmashWiki and they've done really annoying things. So instead, I'm remaking my Namco Museum 3DS box art again. This one is a complete revamp, though. This will possibly be my last remake of this box.

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