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The Simpsons: Hit & Run 2 box cover
By avatar danny-21_ 37 on November 16th, 2013
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My first box art (with the exception of really crappy ones I did as a kid) Quite obviously GTA Styled and done on Paint, because funds are low at the moment so a decent editing software is kinda out of my reach. But anyway, hope you enjoy.

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Sarashi 45 [ 9 years ago ]

Firstly, lack of funds are no excuse to use MS Paint. Paint.NET and GIMP are free, relatively advanced photo manipulation software that are available for free. Secondly, I feel that some of you placement decisions are a bit off, with words being simply cut off in terms of the Springfield sign with extra room given to more unnecessary sections.

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danny-21_ 37 [ 9 years ago ]

Thank you for the feedback, I'll make sure everything's in a decent place in the future. And I'll be sure to check out the programs you suggested, too.

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