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The Simpsons Game box art cover
By avatar TheSuperBoxart3DS 22 on August 10th, 2013
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The Simpsons Game for SNES. Just for fun, I threw in the 90s EA logo on the box instead of the modern one. All material is owned by their creators and/or publishers.

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tomB 38 [ 8 years ago ]

Thank you for your submission, but please post your boxes in the work in progress forum first: link

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TheSuperBoxart3DS 22 [ 8 years ago ]

Wait a minute, didn't you post this exact same comment on my previous box?

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Carlj1497 44 [ 8 years ago ]

@TheSuperBoxart3DS Did you listen the first time he told you? The works in progress forum is great, I advise you to use it.

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