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Pokemon Platinum version for 3DS box art cover
By avatar eldestrutor 13 on July 18th, 2013
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Collab' with Ulquiorra. Special thanks to Jevangod for the 3DS template.

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Static 32 [ 7 years ago ]

Heh, I litterally just put this game down when I saw this!
This is really good, both of you did an excellent job, and it harkens back to the title screens of all three games. May I ask who did what on the box?

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Ulquiorra 49 [ 7 years ago ]

Thanks, and I think eldestrutor'll say the same thing^^
We worked on the same computer yersteday and today. So all the idea came from him (shadows, composition...) but I added differents colors effects (the colored shadows) and he added others (he did the blue lines on dialga, the pink on palkia, the red on giratina etc...). At last, he did the presentation.

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eldestrutor 13 [ 7 years ago ]

@Static Thanks, Ulquiorra said everything. :D

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