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Dragonball: Mystery Of Shenron box art cover
By avatar NightStarX 1 on July 17th, 2013
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My front and back cover for Dragonball: Mystery Of Shenron, the game originally released for the Famicom, and only received in the US for the Nintendo Entertainment System in a bowdlerized and heavily altered format as the title "Dragon Power". UPDATE: Uploaded a higher resolution image that I accidentally forgot to use, initially.

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aldimon 21 [ 7 years ago ]

Really nice! You could spice up the back by reworking this text, as it looks a bit boring. Shorten it and add more pictures. The Front looks fantastic!

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NightStarX 1 [ 7 years ago ]

Thanks. For the game description text, I kept going back and forth between two different fonts, this basic one and a more fancy one. I honestly couldn't decide between the two initially as the fancy one was harder to read, and the more basic one was easier to read, but more bland. I do agree that the basic font is a bit bland, and I probably should have thought about coming up with some kind of third alternative that was a mix between the two. Thanks for the input. :)

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DarkPhoenixMishima 1 [ 7 years ago ]

I think the text on the back could use a glow, drop shadow, or something similar. Otherwise this is pretty well done.

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