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Sonic Adventure 3 box art cover
By avatar RebornSonic67 1 on June 5th, 2013
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This (I think) is my best so far. But this is not finish I will continue to keep updated it so you guys can give me some advice. And tell me what you think!

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Spookz 3 [ 7 years ago ]


The reason I feel like you didn't get those last two point is the front cover. Tails and Knuckles look perfect but the only problem is that distance man who comes in and tells you the right. The distance should be set in the far back to scale it. I suggest just moving it to the back and the top. Also the ESRB rating. If you want a tip, use the transparent option in basic paint (if you used another like photoshop or GIMP works as well) to move the E (or E10) rating to both sides. That would make it more official of course. Other than that, good job. I like the back itself alot and the front with the Dr. Eggman shadow.

"The ESRB ratings gotta stay the same no matter what others say!" ~Spookz the bunny

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RebornSonic67 1 [ 7 years ago ]

Thanks man working on it now

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