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Disney and Pixar's Punch Time Explosion XL box art cover
By avatar dragonclaw048 1 on August 9th, 2012
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GameRoomProductions 42 [ 9 years ago ]

Well, there is evident potential here. The layout is great, I like the three streaks with the characters facing each other. However, the characters are of different art styles, this should be corrected. When looking for new character renders, try to find higher quality ones.
Next, the black background is definitely bland to say the least, you should find something to spice it up, you know?
Then your logos. The Disney logo is too low to the bottom, it should not be touching it. The ESRB is shrunk horizontally, and the title logo is stretched horizontally. This should all be fixed to enhance quality and make it look correct.
Continuing with the logo, the Disney and Pixar are clearly added to it, this should be cleaned up to make it more official looking. There is also something erased or colored in above it, either way it does not match the black.
Lastly, your template. It seems cut off and low quality, also there is a gap between it and the cover. One more thing, there is something blue beneath the ESRB.

I am a huge Disney fan, I like this design. I would love to see this updated and improved.

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Victor de Meneses 4 [ 9 years ago ]

The idea is great , but the box don't.

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