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Crysis 2 box art cover
By avatar 30 on February 29th, 2012
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Pleiades 41 [ 9 years ago ]

The front isn't bad but some basic aspects, mainly concerning the logo, present a problem. Firstly, the angle of the logo is unusual, to either a portrait or landscape-style layout. Slanted inward, towards the character, is an interesting decision. It could have worked, but when viewed as a horizontal design, it's lopsided and throws off the balance of the cover. Secondly, the bullet holes behind the logo. A subtle touch that can fill out space without being too obvious, but these holes in particular lack the detail I would expect from a game that attempts to combine sci-fi with gritty realism.

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ristar 33 [ 9 years ago ]

apremio tu dedicacion

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