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Halo 4 box art cover
By avatar roxas1240 1 on February 27th, 2012
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My first VGBOX made on

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Titan38 42 [ 9 years ago ]

With your first box, I suggest clicking the "How To" tab at the top of the page and getting the box critiqued before uploading it to the site, especially since it is your first one.

It isn't terrible for a first, but it definitely could use some work in a few different areas.

Master Chief is pretty blurry, and there is also a white border around the box itself. The reflection is a nice addition to the presentation, but that could use some work also, rather than one solid color.

If you post the box in the forums, you are sure to get many more constructive comments! Good luck, and welcome to the site!

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roxas1240 1 [ 9 years ago ]

Thank you for the advice i may do it in my second box art. I am new to the site i dont know how it works, well not completely. I thougt i had removed the white boarder. i use i dont know how to unblur Master Chief. but anyway thanks again ps: i am only 12

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