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Silver the Hedgehog box art cover
By avatar kspam 6 on December 24th, 2011
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willo10 39 [ 1 decade ago ]

(sigh) Okay. First off, the picture on the front is blurry, "THE HEDGEHOG" is hard to read, the background is VERY plain, the renders on the back are floating and it makes no sense why they're there. The Text on the back has way too many Exclamation Marks, and "Advanture" is misspelled. I will say it's your best so far, but you really need to post these in the Critique Forum before posting them here. THey'll help you get better at making boxes, and hopefully your next one will be even better.

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kspam 6 [ 9 years ago ]

Sorry i was 7 when i made this...
So check out my new 3D Boxart: link

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kspam 6 [ 1 decade ago ]

Paint Shop Pro 7 Have All Doed That

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