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BioShock box art cover
By avatar Abrao 34 on October 14th, 2011
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Abrao 34 [ 9 years ago ]

Here is my version of Bioshock, made with mostly real pictures I've gathered. I wanted to try something different for this box, and some people may not like it but here you go. I've tried to put a glow a the bottom, like if it was the glow from Rapture undersea but the result was disastrous so I've discarded the idea.

Comments, suggestions, always welcome.

Sea picture from ArwenArts link
Lighthouse from link
Big Daddy and Little Sister from Dim Horizon Studio link
Splicers from Dids-91 link

Edited at 9 years ago

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Eggboy'13 48 [ 9 years ago ]

What I like is the super simple, grainy look.. what I don't like is the screens and logos (developer and esrbs, etc..). \:

I know those are needed, but I just kinda think they mess up the otherwise coolness of the box.

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oxol 23 [ 9 years ago ]

Yeah, the front is great. Had that 2K logo been a bit smaller, the front would have been perfect, but the back ruins it all for me.

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Trekkie313 18 [ 9 years ago ]

Not really feeling it, too much empty space...just looks like a wallpaper.

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Martiniii332 49 [ 9 years ago ]

I love the front a lot. The back sorta kills it for me. The tilt of the screenshots is the issue. Otherwise I think this is great. Nice job, man.

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