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Rage box art cover
By avatar Soundwave 38 on November 25th, 2010
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Soundwave 38 [ 1 decade ago ]

What can I say.. I love red.

I wanted to do a different Rage box, I wanted to match the box with its name, really extreme colours but also simple. I think it suits it pretty well.

S_s + sens for temp

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Blade 9 [ 1 decade ago ]

I really like this but i don't think its as good as your other boxes.
And also, too much red for me. The screenshots and text are a bit small but no big deal. ;)

Faving though.

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sd1833 48 [ 1 decade ago ]

Sorry, but it's pretty lacking compared to your previous efforts. Mainly the back, which looks pretty bland. The font used looks so plain for this game, especially when combined with the 'Rage' logo. In addition, the screenshots are a bit too small, especially since the borders look to take up more space than the actual shots.

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