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The Story Of B box art cover
By avatar pigeon_face 30 on November 22nd, 2010
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pigeon_face 30 [ 1 decade ago ]

Hey there guys. I'm back. I'm quite embarrassed by how immature and downright rude I have been to people on this site before.

Well this may very well be the first book cover art on this site. I couldn't resist to make a cover for this here book by Daniel Quinn. This is the second book of a trilogy of Quinn's (Ishmael, The Story Of B, My Ishmael). This is the best book i have ever read and i highly recommend it. The original cover is very bland so I felt like whippin' up a more appealing one. Took me a few hours to throw together and I plan on making a cover to the other two books in the trilogy... comments, insults... always welcome.



Font- The Scriptorium dafont.com
Background- photoguides.net
Ammonite- naris.go.kr
Template- I forgot

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7sk 41 [ 1 decade ago ]

Definitely not the first book cover here. White_Dove posted one in September and I did one just a few weeks ago.

Anyways, the box is pretty good. I like the concept, but there are some design choices I don't really agree with, chief among them the tagline on the front and having the synopsis on the back.I'm not in love with the font either, but I'll let that slide because I'm a huge font nerd and I love sans-serif fonts.

I like how you've done up the presentation, however, and I can imagine seeing this on a bookstore shelf. Good job.

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pigeon_face 30 [ 1 decade ago ]

Damn, I haven't seen any book cover art on the site before, I was sure I was going to be the first =S

#2 the tagline is part of the original title, so that was pretty much mandatory. I don't see why you don't like the synopsis. Isn't it mandatory for any book? It is a bit lengthy so it makes things look crammed; I can definitely get a shorter version in there. I do have troubles picking the perfect font that will convey the message of the book most effectively.

If you had read the book, I believe you would be having second thoughts...

PS: anyone out there have any Book Templates??? The one i used here wasn't really a legit template, just found a high res book off google images and pasted my cover over top.

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Higashi89 48 [ 1 decade ago ]

Never heard of that book, but I have to admit that the book design is awesome! Gotta to try out a book cover sometime :o

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vsin 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

I found this by chance on a Google image search. I created an account here just so I could comment on this image.

The art on this is spectacular! I love it just how it is, don't change a thing. Those books by Quinn are life changing, you never will be the same again after reading them. Should be required reading in schools and the wisdom in them should be reminded on a regular basis in life. Plus they are just extremely enjoyable reads.

I do have a question. How can I get a a dust cover of this made for my book? Is there at least a link I can get to a template of this so that I can try to get one custom made using this art? I also wish to ask if you have made art for any of Quinn's other books yet?

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