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REBORN! Flame Rumble!! XX box cover
By avatar Dario 23 on August 2nd, 2010
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Dario 23 [ 1 decade ago ]

First box based on an anime which is also one of my favorites. It's based on the most recent hitman reborn fighting game.
Couldn't find any real good six funeral wreath renders.
-Most of the renders are from reborn wiki
-The reborn logo is from viz
-screenshots from ds-scene and google
-Credit to blinkofeye for the template

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Higashi89 48 [ 1 decade ago ]

All right, this box is good but there's the template. I didn't like the template you used, and the back is very full of text, mostly. And I think you should resize it because it does not have even a "fullsize view".

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tleeart 45 [ 1 decade ago ]

The resolution is quite small, but the layout and concept is cool in my opinion. As much as I would love to play a Reborn! game, though, the actual games look kinda lame.
I'm going to fav for concept, and execution, but you really should make it bigger.

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