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DragonBall RagingBlast box art cover
By avatar DemonFoxSlayer 17 on May 1st, 2010
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DemonFoxSlayer 17 [ 1 decade ago ]

whoo! How long has it been since I uploaded my last Box art? too long, i know that for sure... Well it's nothing out of the ordinary... and it isn't all that, but here is my FIRST Dragon Ball Z Video Game box art... and it's "Dragon Ball Raging Blast for PS3... yeah I know... It only has Gogeta on the front and some of the Villains but what ever... ONCE AGAIN, IGNORE THE IMANDIX COVER TRIAL LABLE AT HE BOTTOM OF THE FRONT AND BACK.


TEMPLATE - Scorpion Soldier


Gogeta, Frieza, Brolly, Janemba, Cell - link

Goku SSJ Side Image: Google Images

Group Picture on Back - link

Screen Shots - Google Images

Rated T for Teen Back and Front Logo - ADFD

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