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Dead Oil 4: Outbreak box art cover
By avatar Aiklund 9 on November 23rd, 2009
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Aiklund 9 [ 1 decade ago ]

Roy O'rhial goes to Heimat City to meet his uncle for probably the last time, since his uncle is about to die in cancer. After the first night in Heimat he hears about the catastrophe downtown, apparently an oil truck crashed right into the courthouse. After that accident, the city falls into chaos more and more for each day to pass. There is something about that oil in the truck, it changes people... transforming them into... into something that just isn't alive. They aren't all violent, those "zombies", but since they are all bearing the disease it's best to stay away.

Roy soon finds himself in the middle of a city in total chaos. The 3rd day after the accident half of the population is infected, and the city is under quarantine. Soon, the military is ordered to shoot everything on sight. A rebel group called "Alive" is formed to fight back te zombies and the military. It is up to Roy to get himself out of here, will he walk over the corpses or will he try to save the few uninfected people left?

Three modes!
Story - Play through the story.

Warfare - Choose either Cop, Rebel or Infected in a urban online war against players from around the globe.

Scavenger - Hunt freely for treasures and upgrades for your multiplayer or singleplayer character through out Heimat, alone or together with up to 4 friends.
So, as you might have guessed this is a fictional game of my own. I'm still not quite happy with it, so I would appreciate some feedback and comments.

Thanks to Deiviux for the PS3 template!

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Spiner_ 42 [ 1 decade ago ]

Att ha en tapet som bakgrund bakom boxen, den idén har du fått från...? :p
Men jag gillar den, dock skulle jag placerat loggan på det svarta istället, då den nästan är omöjlig att se just nu.
Bäst att skriva något på engelska med, så jag inte blir bannad:

It's very cool, but i would place the logo on the black part of the front.
Btw, Bruce Willis on the back? ;P

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Aiklund 9 [ 1 decade ago ]

Well... it is Bruce, but it's not supposed to be... if you get me. ^^

Brukar du ha tapet?
EDIT: Jo minnsan, det hade du! Måste väll ha fått det där ifrån då. ^^

Edited at 1 decade ago

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Sir Tobbii 35 [ 1 decade ago ]

Snyggt! Gillar konceptet, logotypen på framsidan kunde vara lite tydligare dock.

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Sir Pringles 26 [ 1 decade ago ]

Jäkligt snyggt, dock är det svårt att se "Outbreak" på framsidan. Annars är den grym! ^^

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redstar1993 10 [ 1 decade ago ]

Could you point me to deiviux's templates, I can't find them anywhere!

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