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Silent Hill Shattered Memories box art cover
By avatar Xupmatoih 16 on November 19th, 2009
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Xupmatoih 16 [ 1 decade ago ]

My latest box: Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

this one took very long, i was going with a "red" theme with some flames and stuff, but when i started thinking arlier today i thought blue/gray/black would make it better.

can't wait for this game, getting it for wii and psp, seems very interesting and will be the first SH game i will play, but i might try another one before it comes out... maybe the first psx one on the psp...

not much to say here so..tell me what you guys think

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jayhog 20 [ 1 decade ago ]

I love it :)

The only problem is that the logo doesnt stand out much. Fav :)

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