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Axel: Before Time box art cover
By avatar Wushu 23 on June 3rd, 2009
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Wushu 23 [ 1 decade ago ]

I've been think about doing a box no one has ever done! Here it is! I tried to bring out as much Red as I could!
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And thanks moogle for so much inspiration ( colour wise)

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Moogle 37 [ 1 decade ago ]

Im flattered =p
I love the backs design alot, especially the brushing and the screen borders. The brushing is great on the front too so ill fav. Axel gets a little lost in all the brushing though

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tleeart 45 [ 1 decade ago ]

The title is detracting, it makes me think that Axel's going to travel time and fight dinosaurs, lol. Sorry, that's how it makes me feel.

Also, the extreme red isn't appealing to me. Also, the Disney logo is underneath the red, a little confusing.

I really like the screen borders on the back, but the center image looks really odd to me.

I applaud the effort of doing something different than an official title, but it's just not well thought out, design wise.

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TwilightMystics 42 [ 1 decade ago ]

I have the feeling that we might get to know the story of Axel in KH:358/2 Days.

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Silent Oblivion 45 [ 1 decade ago ]

Sorry, not feeling this one, Wushu.
Dislike the logo, and your backs need a proper description, as they are just tagline amount of writing.

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