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Brutal Legend box art cover
By avatar milkyoreo27 26 on May 17th, 2009
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milkyoreo27 26 [ 1 decade ago ]

This box is a collab between CubbieFan and I. It is for the VGBA Idol Competition.

CubbieFan worked on the front and side of the box, as well as put it together. I worked on the back of the box and am now uploading it..

I personally think that the Full View is a bit blurry, but feel free to view it in full if you would like.

Please rate and comment, favs are always appreciated. :)

*Credit goes to Techne for the template and Koopadasher for the ESRB and DEV logos.*

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nothing94 35 [ 1 decade ago ]

Fav for the pwnsome front.

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