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Heart Cycles box art cover
By avatar Chosenoneknuckles 1 on April 24th, 2009
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Chosenoneknuckles 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

This is a full fake DS box art for my educational biology-focused Flash game, Heart Cycles, which I designed in my second year at University in Abode Illustrator CS3 and edited in Adobe Photoshop 7.

Concept art and the like can be found within my Heart Cycles gallery on my DeviantART profile:

“Collect oxygen bubbles in order to get masses of points and to keep the heart going! They can also be used for healing purposes so bear that in mind if you get stuck in a clinch!”

“”The main antagonists of this game as well as the body itself is none other than the Bacteria horde, who grow in [or decrease] in strength depending on the stage scenario.
Get hit or attacked by the hordes of bacteria though and you lose one blood cell companion, which not only reduces the amount of points you’ll receive but slows your progress as well (as the bacteria’s plague gunk clogs you all together). The only way to dispel the effect is to gain some valuable oxygen, and you only have a 5 hit strike ratio so be careful! “

“The player guides the blood cells via touch, and they will also be able to ‘squash’ and ‘stretch’ the blood cells by using a finger (or stylus) to rub them and then guiding them along in their new form until you are hit or let go etc. (the effect only lasts for a minute before breaking as it uses numerous energy from the blood cells themselves to do)”

“Using the right shoulder button zooms the level screen inwards for a closer and clearer view, with the left shoulder button zooming outwards respectively”

“This game takes place entirely within the body, specifically the en route to the heart but each environment would focus on a particular ailment i.e. a smoker’s body, and that would reflect upon what actually happens in that scenario in the body and provide unique visuals and hindrances in that stage.
These different scenarios would allow young people to see how different factors affect their health and hearts, and to see the dangers involved as well.”

“As well as oxygen bubbles you can also collect (if you wish) white blood cells, which you can then aim and fire off white spherical bombs (the hit path is controlled using the DS stylus, similar in vain to how you control Link’s Boomerang in Phantom Hourglass). Now for every two oxygen bubbles you collect, you gain one shot of white blood cell(s), so in getting 4 oxygen bubbles you get 2 shots etc.

When a living enemy gets hit, it will dissolve into nothing, but beware that in using these white blood cell ‘bombs’ that you’ll be giving up two valuable oxygen bubbles for the heart at the end of the stage (and thus you’ll lose points and not gain much more added time).

If by a slip of a finger that your group gets clumped together by bacteria gunk then you lose all ability to make and use these white blood cells until you are cured (by collecting a sufficient amount of oxygen to breakdown the bacteria infection)”

It would play alile Tetris and be a cumulative point’s game, for getting oxygen bubbles, for every heart pump. The difficulty level would rise with more bacteria around and rearranged oxygen locations and the like.’

The health bar on the left is represented by the ancient symbol for medicine and is of course green in colour.

The fictional company logo Phoenix Media was created by me and thus is owned by me. No stealing please.

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Richie 2 [ 1 decade ago ]

Blimy, how long did it take you to type all of that up. The game looks cool and its the kind of thing they would do on ds, well done

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Chosenoneknuckles 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

#2, Considering I wrote all that two years ago when I submitted this [and a short Flash ad] of the game to my former University, then not too long actually! Just changed a few things here and there [the white blood cells portion of the game was gonna be a Wifi-enabled expansion before, and this was before the DSi enabled such a possibility. Lol]

Thanks for the comment. Tis is much appreciated. ^-^

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evklinken 3 [ 1 decade ago ]

It's stretched, boring, and the ESRB age rating is misplaced. The back is good, however.

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