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Rayman box art cover
By avatar SuperOriginal64 3 on November 11th, 2021
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I didn't really like the box art of Rayman on Game Boy Color because it doesn't have anything on it along with Rayman character itself. so I've remade this box art with different backgrounds, 3D Electoons, Mr Dark invisible on the front. and also made this box art a lot more realistic and remastered that I've work so hard on it for like 5 hours. because there were so effects to had on it. by the way, I actually liked this port better than the ps1 version because it's way easier. enjoy this beautiful looking box art.

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BenBrownDesign 42 [ 2 years ago ]

I've only ever seen the PlayStation box art for Rayman, so I had to go and check out the official Gameboy Color box. I really think your box is leaps and bounds better. The 3D elements really help the box come to life and make it feel more dynamic. If I had to pick out anything that I didn't personally like too much, I would have to say that it's the text on the back. The white text is a little hard (for me) to read and I think the white outer glow makes it more difficult. That's just personal preference though. Great stuff!

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