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Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes box art cover
By avatar D_Nikolaos 27 on March 23rd, 2019

**[info at the end]

Since I saw the Game of the Month Contest (The theme is the Metal Gear Solid series), I figured it would be a nice chance to do something interesting, and ashamed as I am to admit it, I only own MGS:TTS.
So, I decided that I would make my submission to the contest based on this, and since this is my first time doing anything for MGS I was worried that it would come out looking sub-par or horrible, but I really dig it!

Art work:
Hideo Kojima /Yoji Shinkawa /KONAMI

Tech Brushes by- redheadstock
Various brushes from the Tech brushes line by- z-design
SS-Tech by- which apparently has been abandoned
A Combination of the GameCube templates made by Sarashi, beardedwalrus, and Leegion, with my own flare thrown in.

**And man FML my original computer died when I was making this box, & then I started working almost 40+hrs a week and never got a chance to upload it here, but I was able to make a presentation using a copy I saved

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Wolfenstein The Old 38 [ 3 years ago ]

not bad...

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CPT_KASRA 27 [ 3 years ago ]

Great job man and thanks for the information of your brushes and templates . the art is a fin work

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solomon360 16 [ 3 years ago ]

Holy crap this awesome ! Someone should Make modern template .

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