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Starblade box art cover
By avatar namcokid47 1 on January 19th, 2019
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Probably the first (and only) box I'll ever make for this site. I tried doing a box for a fake Japanese version of Starblade, a 1991 3D rail shooter arcade game by Namco.

For some reason JP Sega Saturn case templates are next to impossible to find online, and the only thing I found was a fake Sonic Mania box. Basically what I did was take that image, removed the artwork, redid the text and border art, and kinda went from there.

Since the forum has been down for a few weeks now for maintenance issues (how does it take this long?) I couldn't post this in the forum for critiquing, so I instead just posted it here.

Artwork is by Namco
Logo was ripped by RingoStarr39 (

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