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Super Mario Odyssey: Luigi's Adventure box art cover
By avatar CubaPete 1 on June 21st, 2018
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I spent some time working on this when I should be sleeping, honestly, I am not impressed with this unlike the last one.

I think the front looks pretty decent besides the edited logo with the custom text. I think I did okay with placing Luigi and Daisy and even Bowser with fade elements.

The back is the worst part, I didn't realise how little gameplay Luigi actually gets so I had to pull a few pictures out of my arse.
The text isn't all that great, the quality and placement are hard to read and I will admit, I got tired and needed sleep.
The switch template, I had to adjust the positioning to make it half decent.

The Switch template is designed by Iman Pro link

Gmod picture created by obeth0 link

The program used was Paint.net

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spypilot 42 [ 2 years ago ]

I mean you're still learning so no reason to be hard on yourself. I think the biggest problem with the cover is the blandness of the backgrounds, especially on the back. If you take a look at this cover, link you will see all the creative stuff he did with the composition of the backgrounds.

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DeadAstros 2 [ 2 years ago ]


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