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The Bug Butcher box art cover
By avatar Jesus_Amunda 1 on November 13th, 2017
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My ps2 cover for this game, i hope you like it :)

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Steve8492 36 [ 3 days ago ]

Once again, this is a case where the back is absolutely fantastic but the front needs work. The front is just a low res wallpaper with logos. Please create a custom front to compliment the great back! I uploaded some renders for this game in the Resource section that you are free to use. All I ask is that you credit me in the description if you use them :)

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Jesus_Amunda 1 [ 1 day ago ]

Thanks !, and yes, I was looking for a font that would adapt well, since I do not know how to create a custom one, but I will start learning how to create fonts. Thanks for the opinion! :)

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