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Power Stone 3 box art cover
By avatar Higashi89 47 on August 27th, 2017
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This is a collab box art between me and Ulquiorra that took a long time to finish due to a lot of reasons but we finally made it! He did the drawings and I did the box art with them, and we both came with the concept idea: a what-if sequel and new installment for the long forgotten Power Stone franchise

Power Stone 3 would feature new game mechanics and two new characters that plays a major whole in the game's plot: after a 2 year time skip, the world ended in some kind of crapsack world, while maintaining all the world presented in Power Stone 1 and 2. The recurring characters are now older and they got a new look. And basically everyone is after the Power Stone because it can grant any wish the beholder desires.

I hope you enjoy, it's been a while since my last box art so it's quite the fresh air for me!

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Martiniii332 48 [ 10 months ago ]

So authentic I'm almost sad this was uploaded during this time. But one can only appreciate the custom art and creativity in an non-existing sequel. Nice job to the both of you!

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Higashi89 47 [ 10 months ago ]

Thanks Martiniii, much appreciated!

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lucidhalos 42 [ 10 months ago ]

This is nice. I like the color scheme and composition. Good job with the art, Ulquiorra. Great job overall.

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