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Spider-Man: PS4 (box art) box art cover
By avatar TitanTyrant 1 on July 29th, 2017
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This is a box art I made for the brand new Spider-Man game coming in 2018 and from the all the images that are to do with the game.

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Sarashi 45 [ 2 months ago ]

Stop putting (box art) and the such in your titles, it's obvious from the website what it is.

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HellKnight 26 [ 2 months ago ]

It's a good thing you clarified that this was indeed a box art, else I would never have known!

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Martiniii332 48 [ 2 months ago ]

Yes indeed putting "box art" in the title gets repetitive.... allow me to provide you with what you'd like, along with that.

The front half of the cover is clever. I enjoy the thought in incorporating the token spidey logo we all know and love sans text, and making it clear what game it is. It could maybe use a little more of contrast to make the underlying texture pop out and give it a little more life.

The back is pretty nice, however I think the edges of the text could have lined up better with the tilted edges of the screenshot. Also, they are not all equally spaced away per screenshot, which can be unattractive given the need for some official semblance (think: if you were in a game store and say that, you'd wonder yourself how it even passed inspection to be put there)

Good job! I hope to see more.

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BRAVEorGRAVE 17 [ 2 months ago ]

I dig this. Good job!

Just make the text on the back not creep to the edge.

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