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Pokemon Yellow box art cover
By avatar Korinu 23 on July 8th, 2017

Hey guys!
Here is my latest cover, Pokemon Yellow! This is for the Pokemon Yellow Gen II Graphics Patch, not the original game, but it could also be used for the original I guess, except the cover says only for Gameboy color. I based it after the japenese Pokemon Yellow Cover if you did not know that.

iman pro: made the 3D DS template (link)

I made my own GameBoyColor Template, Ill upload it once I reach level 10. This is made for a DS case. I like displaying gameboy, and gba games on ds cases instead of cardboard boxes, it could also be printed as a box with some minor modifications, but meh.
THIS COVER INCLUDES A PRINTABLE! No resizing needed, just print, put it inside your DS case and you are done!
I hope you like this one, because I certainly enjoyed making it! Until next time, cya

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Moebius 39 [ 6 years ago ]

That front is so nice, but everything on the back is too much, too squashed together. You could have more patterns on the background there.

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Korinu 23 [ 6 years ago ]

Thank you! I know the back looks like too muck and too squashed, but I was trying to emulate actual gameboy covers, they were always like that

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Martiniii332 49 [ 6 years ago ]

Nicely done, Korinu! I really dig the front especially, which successfully encompasses the officialness of a real Gameboy Color cover while also popping out as a custom. However, the back could use a little bit of tweaking -- simply, there is too much text. The logo placement is fine (albeit a little big) but given that Ash + Pika are squeezed behind the barely visible screenshots, there could definitely be some re-orientation going.

Overall nice job though, just make sure to look at that in the future.

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