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Sly Cooper box art cover
By avatar RobertNGraphics 30 on May 15th, 2017
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Moebius 37 [ 11 months ago ]

It's ok, maybe sharpen it a bit. I guess you could experiment with different arrangements on the back to fill up that space around the moon.I might fav it then. :)

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Bastart 48 [ 11 months ago ]

The front looks cool, I'd only suggest to move the logo a bit upward (or extend the pavement and move the whole thing plus the logo up towards the moon) The back needs a review quote/rating or something like a features bit, on the blanks space where the moon stands.

The overall look on this looks nice, but with the things I mentioned above, it could be slightly better though.

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DigitalBurger 35 [ 10 months ago ]

Nice View

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