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Crash Team Racing box art cover
By avatar RobertNGraphics 27 on May 13th, 2017
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Had a lot of fun with this, especially the front CTR logo redesign.

Crash render by Sean-the-Artist:

[ Box updated on May 14th, 2017 ] [ original ]

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Bastart 48 [ 1 week ago ]

I think the tagline above the synopsis, would look better in red.

It would be awesome if this remaster is going to happen in the near future (I had tons of fun with the original on the first Playstation)

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Moebius 37 [ 1 week ago ]

It's nice, except the tagline blurs with the text underneath, Maybe try more than one font, not all caps.

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RobertNGraphics 27 [ 1 week ago ]

Back art has now been updated!

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