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Battlefield 3 box art cover
By avatar CPT_KASRA 9 on March 15th, 2017
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The Best work i have done
All the time that i have spend on this cover was about 2 months :D the logo (3) and the frames at the back was originally made by me. hope you enjoy<3

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zorbic 2 [ 1 week ago ]

Really liking this style.
Very clean, simple yet impressive.
The only thing I think may improve it is a splash of orange on the front.
Also spelling error on the back. It's "summary" not "summery".

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CPT_KASRA 9 [ 1 week ago ]

thanks dude xD
but i searched whole internet for those orange splashes but didnt find anything.
2-thanks for dictation :|

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Sarashi 44 [ 1 week ago ]

@CPT_KASRA Yeah, you couldn't find it, you posted on the forums and I showed you how to do it...

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CPT_KASRA 9 [ 6 days ago ]

iknow but there is a problem that iam not ENG and cant understand it :|

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