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Bushido Blade box art cover
By avatar BOBdotEXE 6 on December 21st, 2016
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I decided to make a DVD style case for bushido blade.
I guess these games are not that popular, as I could only find ONE custom DVD sized box art, and it did not even have the game's name on the spine.
So I made the front cover myself, as I'm pretty terrible at drawing, I used some high res CD box scans and screenshots for a base, along with official logos
to make this design.
I tried to keep the same basic feel as the official CD case for BUSHIDO blade, but as this is much taller, I had to take some liberties.
I decided to make it a double sided DVD case! (using a BB2 poster as the main image)
Now I could keep both games together!
Yes, this dose look kinda cartoony
TOO bad!

Printable version Download link:
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