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Red Dead Revolver: Remastered box art cover
By avatar radey-09 24 on October 19th, 2016
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Decided to make a Red Dead Revolver cover themed around the current style, just so people can easily understand that there was a game before Red Dead Redemption :) Enjoy :)

Credits :
billyman31 - link PS4 Case Template

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Warsony 41 [ 3 years ago ]

That's interesting. what happens is that in exchange rear cover design catches, is very common, besides the source for example fails to distinguish Rockstar San Diego ... also spreader bars and saw many times on the Internet and is reiterative. I really like the front cover. I would have liked something relating the game to an edition 'Remastered' but overall I like the idea.

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Bastart 48 [ 3 years ago ]

Although It looks kinda basic, it's nice though.

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