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Feeling Adrift box art cover
By avatar AHO 37 on March 5th, 2016
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eelings Adrift is an amusement park filled with attractions. Each attraction has different environments and goals. Some are more scary than others, but they all have the same intention, to make a good, frightening experience.
Each attraction has a rating composed of five stars. One star attractions are slightly scary, while 5 star attractions will push you to the limits of your fear.
Starting out, Feelings Adrift will let you play two attractions: Black Hole and Hospital. Dark Room will release 3/03/2016 and Slender Woman, Mansion, and much more will come in future updates.
When you complete each attraction you'll win one gold key. When you obtain all the keys you'll have access to a 5 star attraction which is incredibly terrifying and different from any other experience in the game.
Accept the challenges that we propose and fight your fear.
More content will be coming in future updates.

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DigitalBurger 36 [ 4 years ago ]

Not Bad

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AHO 37 [ 4 years ago ]

Yes I agree. The big challenging for Indie games is, that there is too less material...

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