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Tales of Rebirth box art cover
By avatar Jamie Bray 26 on January 17th, 2016

Decided to make a box for Tales of Rebirth, since its one of the games we didn't get here in the us its makes me quite sad that no one will get to enjoy the amazing story it has.

I followed the same back formula as my previous box because of the limited space, but i made use of it pretty well i think.

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DigitalBurger 36 [ 5 years ago ]

Its Nice Man

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Sarashi 45 [ 5 years ago ]

Not as well executed a back as your last one. Your tagline this time feels too small and could have been much bigger. Had you staggered the screenshots the other way, you could have made the banners on them bigger so the description text could have been larger. Front and spine and okay though.

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Jamie Bray 26 [ 5 years ago ]

Yeah i couldn't think of a tagline that suited the game, and since the screenshots were actually a lot larger than before it kind of messed up the layout a bit. i also made the box a bit to small against the background so lol

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