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Trine (PS3) (PAL) box art cover
By avatar che_don_john 1 on June 26th, 2015
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Front cover taken from PC-version. Font used on back is 'Immortal' (

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Mohit 43 [ 8 years ago ]

First of all I will advice u to use 3D template and I think that colours on the front is must match colours on the back
U have stretched the logo and the description of the game which seems to be odd and the text is also very large so best of luck for next time..

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che_don_john 1 [ 8 years ago ]

Hi Mohit, thank you for your feedback! I used a 2D template as I simply wanted people to be able to easily copy and print the cover for their own use (the dimensions should fit a PS3 box exactly). I should also add that nothing has been 'stretched' out of proportion, so to speak; the '3 heroes. 1 quest' bit on the back had to be sized up a bit, but the scale remained the same.

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