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The Way Way Back box art cover
By avatar BoxKid 24 on November 30th, 2014
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Have you ever watch a movie that has captivated you from every little angle/detail? And therefore the movie is buzzing days after in your head like your favorite song? And it has also created a connection with you in a personal level?

Well, that is what this movie has done to me. Since I saw this movie, it has captivated me from the obvious reasons of a good production,acting etc, but the fact is a totally different perspective of those obvious reasons. The beautiful message of this movie, that resonates in a very likable way.

And honestly I wanted to make a "honor" if I can use that word, because this movie deserves a better box and it just, deserves it.

P.s. Enjoy :)

one of my favorite moves.

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Vince_1990 46 [ 6 years ago ]

good job man. Quite basic design but my eyes noticed it so i guess its eye catching.... You should try and do some more complex boxes.

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BoxKid 24 [ 6 years ago ]


P.s. Thanks


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