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NightCrawler box art cover
By avatar Elite 16 on September 28th, 2014
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okay so, this is a movie i'm really looking forward to. I can't wait for it! jake is one of my favorite actors around and i'm pumped for it so i made a cover for it


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Martiniii332 48 [ 3 years ago ]

here are a few tips:

i) look around the site and get an idea of how blu-ray covers are made, so you can get used to the logos used, etc. your cover is lacking logos and such, and while you can technically create covers without them, the results are good only in certain circumstances.

ii) the front cannot simply be one unedited image. I'm sure you have some editing skills; use them. i personally think the yellow backdrop for the word "nightcrawler" is not a good choice, it's too blaring. I suggest a more modest color. the idea in itself is good, though.

iii) the red text on the back is hard to read, and the template is cut off. work on that. the rest of it is not bad.

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aldimon 21 [ 3 years ago ]

Holy shit

What's going on

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Elite 16 [ 3 years ago ]

The front is actually a stock image I did edit, not in depth but I completely changed the colors and I added some abstract in the bottom, near the bottom right. I also added the highway on his glasses, as for the logos I'll defintely look around, thank you!

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