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Hyrule Warriors box art cover
By avatar TheTombRaider 46 on July 30th, 2014
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My first ever box!
So this is my custom box for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors game.
Please leave any feedback you may have :)

[ Box updated on August 1st, 2014 ] [ original ]

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Ulquiorra 50 [ 8 years ago ]

This is very good work for a first!
I have nothing to say about the front it looks really cool (you could add the nintendo logo but who cares?) but I have a few remarks for the back:
-The Tagline is hard to read, you should change the font.
-You should add more text concerning the game and make the screenshots smaller.
-Finally I don't really see why you put a lot of small renders next Link, they are hard to see and it imbalance the back.

So I hope you'll don't take these criticisms wrong and good luck for your next box! ;)

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TheTombRaider 46 [ 8 years ago ]

Thank you!
Yes I completely agree about the font/screenshots. The renders next to Link were originally only Zelda, Sheik & Impa, but then I added others and made a big mess, haha!

I will be uploading a revised version later (probably towards the release of the game).

Thanks for the feedback :D

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HyperBoy Prime 35 [ 7 years ago ]

So is this box art the rise of TheTombRaider (geddit? :P)

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TheTombRaider 46 [ 7 years ago ]


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