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Scream 4 box art cover
By avatar Legend_Chronicles2 37 on May 27th, 2014
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I was originally going to remake an old box I did before and just update it but I decided not to waste any more time.

[ Box updated on May 29th, 2014 ] [ original ]

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rob2197 45 [ 5 years ago ]

Use of red to break out in the front looks good. Would have liked it if you kept the same style of the box for the back though, an abrupt change in style. Good work overall.

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shirazihaa 50 [ 5 years ago ]

exactly right ;)

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lucidhalos 43 [ 5 years ago ]

I like it a lot, but both the front/spine and back lack anything to unfiy them as @rob2197 mentioned. It would have worked better if you bought some of the front elements to the back to keep the consistency.

Maybe consider making a new front/spine and treating the existing one as a slipcover? That way, the back could be just that yellow-ish texture of the slip. You can even create an illusion of a die-cut for the barcode area of the slipcover to bring in the elements of the black you have going on through the front to tie things together. Just some suggestions to make everything work together.

Good job though. Like the treatment of the quote and the cutout characters next to it on the back especially.

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Legend_Chronicles2 37 [ 5 years ago ]

Thanks for the feedback and likes. To address the comments mentioning that the back doesn't match, it's something that I noticed but ignored. I thought the back would look too messy or overdone if I didn't go with a solid black but you've given me new ideas.
I'll take your advice into consideration.

Ohhh, just noticed I forgot to put the actors'/director's names on the front.

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