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Final Fantasy box art cover
By avatar KT1 1 on March 6th, 2014
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A long-waited Full-remake of First Final Fantasy is born!
Well... that's how i imagine a Final Fantasy of my dream. Open, yet linear world. Vivid graphics on XIII's level and Same story as in first, but more complicated. More story plots, side quests and side stories! You can have a story with all six characters! But with only four of them in party at one time. You can summon your party members by crystall. But all characters do not start as Warrior, Monk or Mage from begining. At first they are like in FFXIV, Gladiator, Pugilist or Thaumaturge. And later they power up before coming to Coneria
Story begins not from arrival of Warriors of Light, but from their separate stories in their hometowns. Each does some quests, kills some monsters and then they go into a time warp and become Warriors of Light and came to Coneria.
Battle system is same as in Final Fantasy on PSP, but with acting like in FFXIII.
*sigh* Can we dream about this?

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